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The ProForm Smart Power 10 Exercise Bike Review

The ProForm Smart Power 10 Exercise Bike Review

ProForm Smart Power 10 Exercise Bike is a special piece of equipment, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast. It is not simply an exercise bike, but it’s a smart machine that monitors your heart rate and you can plug in your TV or MP3 player to listen to music while exercising.


– 10 automatic magnetic resistance levels for a customized, safe workout experience. – Dual track LCD monitor displays your time, distance, calories burned and heart rate – Bluetooth compatible so you can listen to music wirelessly from a smartphone or mp3 player.

– Backlit console with a clock and settings lock feature so it’s easy to use in any setting.

– Transport wheels make moving the bike a snap.

– Includes a water bottle holder and media shelf to store your phone or MP3 player.

It has some great features and it is easy to use; however, there are some drawbacks.

First of all, the calorie counter seems to be quite inaccurate and sometimes does not work at all which would be a deal-breaker if you were using this feature regularly. Second of all, the LCD display stopped working after only a few months so we had to use a timer to track our workout progress.

In conclusion, ProForm Smart Power 10 Exercise Bike is a good product that does its job well but it has some issues that need to be addressed before buying it. I do not recommend this model as there are other alternatives on the market that have better value for the money. In order to find out which bike is the best for you, there are a few things that should be considered before making a purchase.

First, determine how much space you have available in your home and where will you keep your bike. Make sure to look at all dimensions carefully because if it does not fit in the space you have available, then it is useless to buy it. Also, if you want to use it while watching TV or listening to music then make sure that there is a cord available for this purpose because otherwise, your workout will get boring very fast.

Finally, consider the price and the brand of bike you are looking at. Chinese-made bikes tend to be cheaper but they also have fewer features and a shorter lifespan. If you buy a bike from a well-known brand, then you will probably pay double the price but it is definitely worth it as they have better customer service and deal with issues more quickly.

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