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Royal M1000 Eye And Temple Massager Review

Royal M1000 Eye And Temple Massager Review

What is Royal M1000 Eye and Temple Massager?

It is a device that stress relieves the eye and temple with vibrations. This device takes the pleasure of beauty care and relaxation.

What makes Royal M1000 Eye and Temple Massager unique?

It is a combination of 2 in one – it can remove eye bags and relieve tension on the eyes and temples. It has two speeds: low and high, which will help you choose your desired speed. The massage head that contains mini-balls will massage the eye and temple softly.

You can remove the cover of the massage head for cleaning purposes. To recharge it, just connect to a computer or adapter with a USB cable that is included in the package, and then it’s done!

What makes Royal M1000 Eye and Temple Massager a good choice?

It has a LED indicator that shows you how much battery is left so that you can charge it timely. To some extent, this product will help them relieve their eye tension and stress after a long time of work.

How does Royal M1000 Eye and Temple Massager work?

1) It emits sound waves (OHM wave, which is the same as human brainwaves). Through the electronic signal generated by sound waves, it creates vibrating signals to give off pulsating power to the massage head.

2) Massage head will release negative ions when it is in use. It will help you relax and feel the relaxation.

3) The massager creates “Tsubo” (pressure point) on your eyes, which leads to serotonin released in your body so that you can relieve fatigue. At the same time, it also provides gentle and comfortable massage to weak eyes.

4) Experience the rhythm of life with Royal M1000 Eye and Temple Massager!

I was happy to try it out because I have never used a massager for this purpose before. The idea of having two in one device is great because there are times when I want to relax my eyes and temple but not on a daily basis.

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