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The Top 5 Best Yoga Exercises You Can Do At Home

The Top 5 Best Yoga Exercises You Can Do At Home

Though once confined to the domain of hippies, vegans, and health nuts, yoga has now become mainstream. It’s no wonder either — for the price of a few high-quality mats, you can keep fit without ever leaving your home. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at yogic exercises you can do in your living room or bedroom without any additional equipment.

I’ve tried to list the items in ascending order of need, from yoga mats required to blankets from which you could do vinyasas. Here are the exercises I’ve found most useful in my own practice:

1. Side Plank with Bent Knees (aka Plank with Feet Apart)

This is a great set-up for your body’s entire core. The hips need to be stable, as well as balanced underneath you without much weight being put on them. If you can hold your feet parallel as well, this will make your balancing even easier.

2. The Tree

This classic yoga pose not only helps strengthen your arms but also challenges how you can balance your weight. If you feel that it’s too difficult, try supporting yourself against a wall instead.

3. The Pigeon

This is a classic yoga pose that also falls under the category of “stretches you can do at home.” It will challenge your flexibility, especially in the hips. Make sure that you have one solid knee under your hips before attempting this. A step up from common lunges will really help strengthen your hip muscles as well.

4. Seal

The seal pose is a good way for you to breathe deeply, and it’s a challenging stretch for your bottom half. A step up from the common downward dog is also difficult on the arms. You need to balance your body over your back leg, make sure that you’re not leaning on your hands, and be careful that you don’t prop yourself up if you’re stepping away from a wall.

5. The Forward Fold

This is a basic pose that’s meant to release tension from all around the body. It can be done standing against a wall for balance or without any support at all.

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