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Tommie Copper Set Of 2 Two-Layer Gaiters With Ear Loops

Tommie Copper Set Of 2 Two-Layer Gaiters With Ear Loops

You should always wear shoes made for hiking, snowshoeing, or hunting in the winter. It is best to invest in a pair of boots or high-top shoes with traction to perform well when you’re out on the trail. The Tommie Copper set of 2 Two-Layer Gaiters with Ear Loops is an economical way to have a quality pair of slip-on gaiters that will keep your feet dry and warm during long walks, hikes, and adventures.

Here are the benefits of the Tommie Copper Set of 2 Two-Layer Gaiters with Ear Loops.

1. Protects Feet Against the Elements

The Tommie Copper Thermal set of 2 two-layer gaiter boots is designed to protect your feet against the elements. The gaiters cover and shield your feet for warmth both inside and outside. This is important for providing protection from natural ingredients such as snow and ice and preventing blistering heat burns during hot months.

2. Cushioning Properties Keep Feet Comfortable

The insulating material on the Tommie Copper Gaiters provides cushioning properties that keep your feet comfortable all day long no matter what type of terrain you are walking on or how far you are walking in a day.

3. Added Protection Against Shoes that Have No Gore-Tex or Waterproofing

The Tommie Copper Protective Gaiters are designed to protect the areas of your feet that are not covered by your shoes. If you have a pair of shoes that do not have Gore-Tex and waterproof material, then these gaiters will add an extra layer of protection against moisture and water getting into the shoes. This is important in preventing slush from entering into your shoe. In addition, snow and ice will slide off the gaiters instead of accumulating on top of your shoe.

4. Different Sizes for Perfect Fit and Comfort

The Tommie Copper Gaiters come in two different sizes. The Standard size has a larger fit and is designed for those who prefer a looser fit. The Large size is designed for those with larger feet, particularly women and men with wide feet. Both sizes are promoted as having one-size fits all (with no adjustment needed).

5. Feature a Cork-Inside for Comfort and Heat Retention

The insulating material on the Tommie Copper Gaiters has a cork-like structure inside that helps keep the heat in during warm weather. With this design feature, your feet will stay hot or cool without complaints and without sweating excessively.

6. An Extra Layer of Warmth with Waterproof Backing Fabric

The waterproof backing fabric on the Tommie Copper Gaiters forms an extra layer of protection against water seeping in through the gaiters’ seams. When these gaiters are wet from body moisture or rain, this waterproof backing fabric will stay dry and not let water in.

7. Breathable Inner Layer for Moisture and Sweat-Forming Properties

The inner layer of the Tommie Copper Gaiters has a breathable material that allows moisture to escape from your feet. This is vital to keep your feet dry and warm instead of having them remain wet with sweat between sets of gaiters. With this design feature, you can wear them all day long without sweating excessively and with no complaints about too much sweating while wearing them.

8. Additional Comfort with an Elasticized Footbed

The Tommie Copper Gaiters have a soft, elasticized fabric footbed to help support and provide comfort. The footbed is designed in such a way to allow your foot to remain in place without slipping or falling out. This is important for those with mobility issues who find it difficult to stay in place when wearing orthopedic shoes.

In conclusion, the Tommie Copper two-layer gaiters are designed to provide an extra layer of comfort and support, especially with a comfy cork-like structure inside an elasticized footbed. They offer protection against unwanted water, snow, and ice, as well as a comfortable fit that will not be obtrusive. The only drawback to this product is that it comes in one size only. To get the correct fit, customers have stated that you may need to cut off a piece of the gaiters if the fit is too small or vice versa if they are too big.

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