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Benefits Of XTERRA ERG700 Rower

Benefits Of XTERRA ERG700 Rower

Xterra Fitness is a company that specializes in manufacturing sports-related equipment, such as treadmills and rowing machines. The XTERRA ERG700 rower is just one of their high-quality products. This is because it provides excellent cardio training with its smooth and quiet operation and accurate resistance settings.

Let’s take a look at what makes the XTERRA ERG700 so popular among professionals and why it might be right for you too.

1. Smooth and quiet rowing motion

Using magnetic or hydraulic resistance technology, a quality rower should be silent to use. This makes it easier to focus on your workout and not hear any loud noises.

2. Comfort

Comfort is important when you are sitting for long periods or planning to share the equipment with many people. The XTERRA Rower features a well-padded seat that adjusts to accommodate different heights, removable footrests to protect your feet from being exposed to heat generated by the resistance pads, as well as adjustable handlebars so you can adjust them accordingly depending on what feels comfortable to you.

3. Directional now display

The XTERRA Rower also shows the user the speed at which they are rowing (in meters per minute), the total distance they have rowed (in meters), and how many calories they have burned. Some other models only show this information on the monitor itself, which can be inconvenient for home and commercial users.

4. Standard resistance pads

The XTERRA Rower features high-quality resistance pads that are very durable, not prone to losing their level of resistance or wearing down over time like some other rowers. They come with four different adjustable resistance levels (light, medium, hard and extra hard).

5. Durable frame

The XTERRA Rower also has a well-built steel frame to ensure it is stable even during intense workouts without tipping over or being unstable overall. If you want to challenge yourself, the resistance pads will guarantee a better and harder workout over time as you continuously use the rower.

6. Foldable design for easy storage

The XTERRA Rower is very easy to fold up and store away when not in use as it has two hinges on either side of the rowing arms near where your legs will be placed at. This way, it doesn’t take up much space or weight when stored away in a closet or other storage area after workouts.

7. Ergonomic grip system

A quality rower should feature ergonomic hand grips to ensure safety and comfort while in use (especially important if you plan on using one regularly). The XTERRA Rower’s handlebar adjusts easily to accommodate different hand sizes, and it is made of a soft, rubberized material.

8. Smooth acceleration

A quality rower should also have a smooth acceleration to make the transition from your warm-up to actual workout easier on you. The XTERRA Rower features this kind of technology with its high-performance flywheel, making transitioning between speeds easy.

In conclusion, the XTERRA Rower is a very good quality, budget-friendly rowing machine perfect for home or commercial use. It has many of the most sought-after features at an affordable price.

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