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Features Of Bernini Plug-In Fountain

Features Of Bernini Plug-In Fountain

Bernini plug-in fountain is the most popular water garden. They are loved by people who have a desktop garden and want to provide a lively atmosphere in their offices.

The fountains provide a soothing sound for people that work long hours sitting at their desks. The water also provides decoration for the desk as well as providing health benefits to the plants growing in the garden below. A Bernini plug-in fountain also helps eliminate humidity in an office because it provides another natural way of moving air while making it more humid around the plant below.

Features of Bernini Plug-In Fountain

1. Fountain is made from high-quality resin

This fountain is made from top-grade resin with a black base and a combination of clear and green glass. The fountain is made in such a way that it can be fixed directly on the desk or it can be hung on the wall.

2. Easy to use: just plug and play

The water pump and fountain overflow do not require any maintenance like the other step-by-step fountains, just plugin and start enjoying. The fountain is designed in such a way that it can also be used as a mini pool of water for babies to float around. The fountain also does not need to be cleaned as frequently as others, this is because it is made from high-quality materials.

3. Quiet Operation

The pump operates very quietly so it will not be disturbing anyone’s work or sleep. The fountain also has an overflow feature that prevents the water from overflowing the bowl making it safe to use.

4. Comes with an extra bowl and pump in case of damage or loss of one

The manufacturer included an extra bowl and pump while shipping, this way if there is any damage during shipping then you will have an additional pump and bowl as a backup until the damaged one has been repaired or sent back for replacement.

5. Easy to hang up or sit on the table

The Bernini plug-in fountain can be hung or placed on a desk. It also has an inbuilt overflow feature just in case water spills out of the bowl. This makes it very convenient to use in offices, homes, and apartments.

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