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Homewell Essentials No-Touch Digital Thermometer Review

Homewell Essentials No-Touch Digital Thermometer Review

A thermometer isn’t just something you use to gauge whether or not you have a fever, it’s also one of the most important instruments for keeping your child healthy. Research shows that 80% of children’s ear infections are caused by something that they inhaled and then their bodies fought off naturally, like bacteria or viruses. What you need to worry about most in the fight against ear infections, however, is prevention and early detection. That’s where the Homewell Essentials No-Touch Digital Thermometer comes in handy.

Battery Life

The Homewell uses a 9v battery, which means you don’t have to worry about replacing your thermometer’s battery every year. It can last up to six months if used twice daily. Each time it is used, though, it does consume some power. Keep in mind that if you do not use it for several days in a row, all of your stored readings will be deleted and you will have to take them again once you begin using it again.

How it works

The Homewell Essentials no-touch thermometer features a sensor tip that remains cool during readings, so you never have to touch your child. Just place it in their ear and press a button; results appear in seconds. Kids love it because they don’t have to be squished by an uncomfortable glass tube, and parents love it because they can take a reading quickly without worrying about touching an infected area.


The Homewell Essential No-Touch Digital Thermometer is a portable wireless thermometer that allows you to quickly and easily monitor your child’s temperature from anywhere in your home. Its screen offers three simple buttons: one for turning it on and off, one for switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, and one for taking a temperature reading.

Ease of Use

This kind of thermometer has all of its good and bad points listed in an informative owner’s manual that can be stored on your phone or printed out for easy reference. The instructions are clear, concise, and simple you should have no trouble using them without help from another person. If you want something even simpler, it comes with a quick start guide that covers everything you need to know right out of the box.


This thermometer is a must-have for all parents, especially those with young children. Not only will you be able to monitor your child’s temperature quickly and efficiently without having to touch them, but you can also do it from anywhere in your home. Once set up, you simply type in your child’s information—name, age, and weight—and then select go. The Homewell Essentials thermometer will immediately begin recording your kid’s vitals and store them until you check back later or download them onto your computer. Better yet?

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