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HoMedics Air Compression Back Stretching Mat

HoMedics Air Compression Back Stretching Mat

The HoMedics Air Compression Back Stretching Mat is a new convenience that lets you enjoy the ease of stretching at home with just a push of a button. The expansion and contraction of this patented, portable product help improve your flexibility by gently pushing against your back as you stretch. This product provides all-over compression for daily use on any floor surface in a comfortable, upright seated position. The Air Compression Back Stretching Mat is easy to use and fits nicely in a closet when not in use.

What does the unit do?

The Stretching Mat utilizes an innovative technology that compresses and expands your spine while you lean into it. It offers a safe and gentle stretch while giving your back a deep compression massage, relieving aches and pains associated with sitting for long periods while working at a computer or driving.

What problems does the unit solve?

The HoMedics Air Compression Back Stretching Mat can help relieve tension from your upper and lower back and your neck muscles. In addition to decompression, this mat also provides a low-impact workout that can improve muscle recovery and flexibility.

How is the product used?

To use the HoMedics Air Compression Back Stretching Mat, you unfold it and lean against it with your feet on the floor or a bench. You then lean into the unit and let your upper body relax, with your arms at your side or resting on the armrests. There are straps for your ankles to secure you in place and ensure that you get a deep-kneading compression massage while simultaneously decompressing your spine and improving your flexibility.

Features: The mat is made of soft, comfortable material and has a handle for easy mobility. It comes with adjustable foot straps that secure the user during use to ensure safe compression and decompression.

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