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Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Hand Vac

Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Hand Vac

The Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Hand Vac is a lightweight and easy-to-use vacuum that can be carried around in a purse or bag. This cleaner is intended for bare floor surfaces only–not carpets. It has a swivel head that makes it possible to clean tricky areas such as recessed carpet edges, upholstery corners, and stairs–areas that are hard for many other types of vacuum cleaners to reach. It also features washable filters that last longer than ordinary filters do. The AeroSlim’s lithium battery provides an impressive 18 minutes of continuous run time, which may not seem like much but works great for small jobs.

Here are the advantages of Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Hand Vac

1. Cordless

Today’s cordless hand vacuums are more powerful than ever and highly convenient. The Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Hand Vac is a product that has both of these qualities, making it an attractive purchase for customers looking for a versatile vacuum to use around the home.

2. Slim design

The slim design of the Bissell AeroSlim hand vacuum makes it easy and efficient to get into small areas and clean them quickly. The lightweight model is only 2 pounds, making it easy for users to carry and maneuver wherever needed in the house or outside. It also comes with a crevice tool that allows homeowners to use the vacuum easily in tight spaces. The appliance includes multiple attachments that can be used when cleaning the car or upholstery.

3. Easy to use

The easy-to-empty canister provides customers with an easy way to dispose of dirt and debris after cleaning surfaces. It also includes a washable filter that makes it convenient for cleaners to keep the appliance clean at all times, ensuring that it continues working properly every time it is used. Many customers have praised the ease of assembly of this product, meaning they can quickly get started using their new vacuum as soon as possible once it’s taken out of the box.

4. Affordable

The low price of this product makes it affordable for homeowners to purchase. While Bissell typically sells vacuums in the $100-$200 range, this hand vacuum can be purchased for less than that, thanks to promotions and sales at various retailers. For example, Amazon currently offers the appliance for just under $70. The affordability of this product means that customers can take advantage of its cordless operation without having to spend a lot of money on an appliance they may use infrequently.

5. Long battery life

Since the Bissell AeroSlim Cordless Hand Vac is cordless, buyers don’t have to worry about using it while keeping track of an extension cord or running out of power when they are in the middle of cleaning something up. This model is powered by a lithium-ion battery that promises more than an hour of runtime on a single charge, which means that it can be used for longer periods before the battery needs to be recharged or replaced.

6. Washable filter

Customers can keep their hand vacs clean and free from debris with a washable filter. It takes just a few minutes to rinse off the filter so that users can continue using their appliance without having to wait for it to dry completely afterward. Since this feature isn’t standard among most cordless vacuum models, Bissell includes one with its AeroSlim model to make it stand out against competitors’ products.

In conclusion, the advantages of Bissell aero slim cordless hand vac are that it is cordless, has a slim design for easy storage and uses, has an easy-to-empty canister, and includes multiple attachments to use for upholstery and the car. Many customers appreciate how easy it is to assemble and clean quickly after purchase because of its affordable price.

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