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Advantages Of Mask Medical

Advantages Of Mask Medical

The Mask Medical is a device that has been produced to help with the dramatic increase of cases of different respiratory diseases. This new design will save many lives and improve patients’ quality of life by reducing problems due to lack of oxygen.

Here are the advantages of mask medical.

1. It can treat all kinds of respiratory diseases

The mask medical can provide proper oxygen levels for patients with different respiratory diseases, including asthma, COPD, Cystic fibrosis, and obstructive sleep apnea.

2. Increase the mobility of patients

The mask has been designed to improve patients’ mobility during therapy sessions. It allows them to go around without any difficulties or preoccupations regarding the way they are breathing therapy.

3. It is good for people with chronic diseases

The mask has been designed primarily to help patients with respiratory problems, the most common being asthma. It was originally developed to treat cystic fibrosis and COPD, but its great features also help those with other chronic diseases related to breathing.

4. Control therapy sessions from a distance

With this device, you can know in detail how your patient progresses during their therapy sessions, as it allows you to monitor all relevant information from any place using the Internet connection. This way, if needed, you can instruct your patient directly from wherever they are located.

5. Provide real-time feedback on results of treatment

The mask is a device with a complete system of real-time feedback. It provides information about results obtained during the treatment, which allows you to proceed according to each patient’s need.

6. Monitor CO2 levels

Does where your patient is located? Using wireless connections via the Internet or mobile devices with SIM card connectivity (e.g., smartphone, tablet), you can monitor them anywhere in the world thanks to the mask, which can continuously measure CO2 levels.

7. Integrate with other devices

This device has been designed to integrate with other devices that may be necessary, such as nebulizers, temperature sensors, pressure monitors, and more. This way, you can ensure the right amount of oxygen reaches your patient’s lungs every time they inhale it.

8. Fully automatic inflation/deflation system

Unlike traditional masks for respiratory therapy, this new design uses an automatic inflation/deflation system that ensures the mask will inflate correctly every time, thanks to special valves that automatically adjust the pressure inside them according to need. This reduces leakage between breaths and guarantees greater success in treatment programs.

In conclusion, the mask medical is a device that has been designed with all kinds of advantages for patients with respiratory problems. It offers information about how they are doing during their treatment sessions remotely, so doctors can monitor them using the Internet or mobile devices.

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