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What To Look When Buying Estella Bartlett, Tiny Jewelry Box

What To Look When Buying Estella Bartlett, Tiny Jewelry Box

Estella Bartlett is a Brooklyn-based jewelry maker whose sense of adventure is just as impressive as her creations. She believes that if something’s worth making, it’s worth sharing, which is why you can find her pieces around the world in their very own page on Etsy.com or in shop windows right on the street. What to look when buying Estella Bartlett,Tiny Jewelry Box;


The size of the tiny jewelry boxes is usually smaller than the common table lighter. The size of Tiny Jewelry Boxes can be 2cm by 4cm, depending on what styles you choose.


Tiny Jewelry Boxes are all made of high quality materials including silver, leather, and wood to ensure strength and beauty. Every single one of them is 100% hand-made by Estella Bartlett.

3.Perfect Gift and Souvenirs

Tiny Jewelry Boxes can be the perfect gift for people or souvenirs for your friends and family. The price is reasonable and affordable. You can choose one or more at the same time to show who your friends and family are to you.

4.Artistic Concept

Tiny Jewelry Boxes are all artistic creations. A quick look may not reveal much, but when you have time to sit and admire them, you will discover they’re as beautiful as they are cleverly designed.

5.How to Use

Tiny Jewelry Boxes are the perfect way to store jewelry, bracelets, watches and other small items. They can also make a delightful gift for someone special or simply add a touch of style in any room.

6.Price and Availability

Tiny Jewelry Boxes are made in limited quantities and sell out quickly so why not take advantage of our exclusive right now? The higher the demand, the more we’re able to offer you at lower prices.


Tiny Jewelry Boxes are shipped with special packaging, and will arrive safely to the customer. You can see the cost of shipping in our shipping page.

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