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Rib Henley Tank -perfect For Gym

Rib Henley Tank -perfect For Gym


This is a tank top designed to be worn at the gym or to work out. It’s made of a ribbed material, so it fits close to the body.

The design is pretty basic, but it has some extra details at the bottom to add a little flair and make it interesting.


This tank top is made of a ribbed material. If you don’t have this type of fabric, you can substitute another knit fabric.

In the example, a two-way stretch black polyester spandex slub knit is used. If you can’t get this, try to get something with the same weight/style.

The belt used in the example is made of suede leather. If you don’t have this, any type of thin material will work.

The snaps used are sew-on snaps. If you don’t have these or can’t get them, you could always use a hook and eye.

The belt loops are made of suede leather cord. If you can’t get this, you could just knot the ends of the belt and the cord together.

The waistband is made with ribbed fabric, not unlike that used in the tank top. If you don’t have this, you can substitute another knit fabric with the same stretch and weight as that of the rest of the tank top.


This tank top is stylish and well-fitted. It’s perfect for the gym or just to wear in general.

It’s very simple to make.


It’s a stretchy material, so it might not be the best choice for beginning sewers.

If you don’t have a sewing machine, you’ll probably need to hand-sew the tank top.

Another disadvantage is that it’s not exactly easy to take on or off. Another method would be better.

Final words

This is a great tank top. It’s not too difficult to make and it fits close to the body without being too tight or revealing.

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