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Moonlight Pajamas Review

Moonlight Pajamas Review

Nordstrom Lingerie is now selling ‘Moonlight Pajamas’ online. These are one-piece PJs that consist of a spaghetti strap tank with satin shorts attached to the bottom. It is similar to what you would receive if you bought your lover’s favorite pajamas and had them specially made without the pants. Due to it being a “lingerie” product, there is no bust support or crotch lining.

Top Features of the Moonlight Pajamas

• Spaghetti straps that criss-cross your back

• It comes with attached satin shorts

• Wrap around waistline

• It can be worn during the day or at night.

The comfort of this pajama is on another level! The top is super soft satin that feels amazing against the skin. The criss-cross spaghetti straps in the back give it a sexy edge while maintaining an innocent feel.

What is your favorite color? This pajama comes in three different colors (Black, Red, Blue) so you can match it with your mood or bedding. If you want to make a real statement, the red color is the way to go. The vividness will give your significant other naughty thoughts when they see you in this cute little number!

The material used to make it is also very lightweight and breathable. There is no lining in the front area, but there are three large fabric-covered buttons for maximum coverage if you want them on or off.

The shorts attached to the bottom of this pajama were designed with your comfort and pleasure in mind. They provide enough room to move around and play without worrying about ripping them off. They are also made from the same satin material as the top, which has a certain smoothness that feels incredible on your skin.

The shorts have an inner lining to keep you from having any embarrassing moments while wearing them. This simple feature is excellent for those who appreciate discretion in their lingerie!

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