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Megababe, Rosy Pits Aluminum Free Deodorant Wipes

Megababe, Rosy Pits Aluminum Free Deodorant Wipes

During summer and hot weather, the sweating in the armpits is more noticeable and can cause unpleasant body odor. Hence both men and women are interested in using deodorant wipes to wipe away the sweat from their armpits. While there are many wipes available some of them contain aluminum, parabens, and other compounds which cause allergies, rashes, and other health problems. Megababe, Rosy Pits Aluminum Free Deodorant Wipes are one of the most popular wipes for underarms since they are safe to use and leave a pleasant rose-like smell. More details of these underarm wipes are provided below.

Each of the wipes can be used as a cleaning cloth for underarms, and is of size 8″ X 5″. The wipes are sold in a pack that contains 18 wipes, and each wipe is individually wrapped, making it easy to remove for use. The cleansing wipes are specifically designed for the underarm, so they remove all the dirt from the underarm, deodorizing it and leaving a rose-like fragrance. All traces of body odor are removed since the natural ingredients in the wipe will protect the skin against bacteria that cause odors. These wipes are biodegradable and one wipe is sufficient for both underarms. They can easily carry in a bag for use in the gym or elsewhere

Each wipe includes Vitamin E which prevents inflammation, especially for sensitive skin and when razors are used for shaving. The coconut water in the wipe is a very effective moisturizer having anti-fungal properties. The fermented Saccharomyces filtrate contains probiotic enzymes which help in neutralizing odors. Horsetail plant, sandalwood, and sage extract will prevent the growth of bacteria which cause an unpleasant odor. Aloe leaf juice is another key ingredient in the wipe which will soothe the skin since it prevents inflammation and also cools the skin. Water, glycerin, and propylene glycol are some of the other liquids used.

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