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Matching With Ruched Balloon Sleeve Chiffon Dress

Matching With Ruched Balloon Sleeve Chiffon Dress

ASOS, Ruched Balloon Sleeve Chiffon Dress is a dress that will grab attention. It makes you look special, even the price is really worth it. The dress comes in silk material, with the entire dress colored white. The ruched balloon sleeves will make you look special. The chest part is just right with the buttons, and the dress itself reaches slightly above my knee. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall! Not too short or not too long. Having a size of 12-14 helps me look good in this dress because it gives me extra room for my chest area.

Wearing it for any Occasion?

The dress is suitable for many kinds of occasions, especially formal ones! I am usually not a huge fan of white, but this dress has sold me on the color. It makes you feel like royalty with the number of compliments that you will get while wearing this dress! The beautiful sleeve details help to give it flair and flare so that it can even be worn to a wedding! If you are going for a more casual look, this dress would also work perfectly as a way to make your everyday outfit feel different and special. You could wear it to school, or shopping! It is flexible with the material that it is made from, which makes it really nice to have.

Wearing it With Different Shoes?

The dress itself mainly looks white, but if you look closely, the dress has a slightly light pink tint due to the material. It goes well with different colors of shoes! I normally wear my red heels when wearing this dress. Red is a great way to add another pop of color to your outfit since it really compliments the dress and the color of the ruched balloon sleeves! If you do not like to wear heels, you could wear nice flats too. It looks really good with any shoe color; I’m just a fan of wearing red shoes with this dress.

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