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MAC Lustreglass Sheer Shine Lipstick

MAC Lustreglass Sheer Shine Lipstick

MAC Lustreglass Sheer Shine Lipstick is the latest addition to the Lustreglass family. You can already see its gorgeous pearly shine through the transparent tube, just like the other lip glosses have. There are five shiny shades to choose from, all jam-packed with pearls for maximum shine.

Why Purchase this Lipstick?

It is different from regular lipsticks with its tacky yet slippery texture due to the gel-like consistency with a smooth and balmy feel on the lips. Its sheer effect allows you to build up color quickly by layering it with more coats. It is marketed as having intensive shine without overdoing it on sparkle, and it can be used on your cheeks for a highlighter effect too!

It is loved for its precision, lightweight feel, long-lasting effects, and ability to last for hours without any fading. It is also known to have a refreshing minty scent.

If you want to achieve a luxurious look for your next occasion, go for a bold shade or pick from the many bright, pastel, and neon colors. Although it is not opaque, you’ll be able to build up color in no time! It is also very moisturizing, therefore suitable for dry lips.

The rustic look is one of the hottest makeup trends this spring and summer. Pair your matte orange lips with a brownish rusty eye look for a bold statement perfect for daily use!

You can never go wrong with a nude lip. They look classy and sophisticated, especially for those with peachier skin tones. Try out the shade ‘Heatherette’ as it will enhance your summer tan and make you look fab in any outfit!

You can use this lipstick as an alternative to your blush. Did you know that the best way to attain rosy cheeks is to use a matte shade darker than your skin tone?

Add some oomph with a flash of metallic sheen! The gold Lustreglass lipstick will give you that dazzling yet modest look for any formal event.

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