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Incanto Turkish Bath Mat Review

Incanto Turkish Bath Mat Review


A Turkish bath mat is a bath mat that absorbs water by use of microfibers, resulting in a dry surface. It is used in a traditional Turkish bath, as well as in a home or hotel spa. A unique characteristic of Turkish baths is the use of steam. This allows the bather to sweat while bathing, which has health benefits such as detoxification and lower heart rates.

The most common material for a Turkish bath mat is cotton canvas. The yoga mat typically used for workouts can be obtained cheaply and easily by using several layers of cotton fabric sewn together then rolled into shape with silicone sealant.

This mat will provide an inch of absorbent surface tightly packed with microfibers, which will eliminate that feeling of wetness when being dried off after a damp bath.

The fabric is not easy to clean and requires special detergents to clean properly and prevent mold from forming when damp. Please be aware that the sponge can be easily ruined due to the nature of the material used. However, by handling gently you should be able to get years out of the mat before it would need replacing.

features of Incanto Turkish Bath Mat

– The mat is a perfect thickness, allowing the user to rest along its surface

– It is made with a strong canvas material that makes it durable, but still flexible

– The product allows for a more therapeutic soaking experience than using your own bath sponge as it does not allow water to ruin its absorbency


– Good choice for hotels, spas, and commercial businesses that wish to provide indoor or outdoor Turkish baths or Spa Services.

– Premium quality, made from the highest grade of cotton canvas, which is used for making towels and bedsheets.

– 100% Natural Cotton Canvas

– Machine Washable & Reusable


– It does not dry very fast. You will need to remove the warming tray or air conditioning unit or use a hairdryer to allow the dampness to evaporate. You may have to wash it several times before it dries completely.


The Incanto Turkish Bath Mat has the great absorbent quality and is absorbent enough to still feel dry after you get out of the bath. It has excellent absorption and is soft and pliable, which means it’s comfortable to rest on while soaking. The design of the Incanto Turkish Bath Mat is stylish as well and makes an excellent addition to any bathroom or spa.

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