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Honey Can Do Freestanding Closet Is An Affordable Wardrobe

Honey Can Do Freestanding Closet Is An Affordable Wardrobe

When items are lying around, the home looks cluttered. Additionally, it is often difficult to find the items required resulting in wastage of time. Hence many people are interested in purchasing a closet that is affordable and will help them increase the storage space available. The Honey Can Do Freestanding Closet is one of the most affordable wardrobes available at present. It also has the advantage of being very portable, so that the family can easily move it to any location they wish. Some of the features of this wardrobe are described in detail so that buyers can compare it with other wardrobes

The freestanding closet is designed for storing clothes and other items, making optimum use of the space available. The closet is 68 inches tall, 45 inches wide, and approximately 20 inches deep. Before purchasing the closet, the buyer should ensure that there is enough space in the house to keep the closet. The closet has two rows of rods at the top and middle, where hangers with clothes can be attached. Additionally, on one side of the closet, there are 4 stacking shelves that can be used for keeping smaller items. The top and bottom of the closet can also be used as a shelf for storage if required.

For greater durability and to keep the weight of the closet low, it is manufactured from durable plastic and steel. This ensures that the closet will not get rusted and not require maintenance for many years. To reduce the shipping cost, the closet is supplied partly assembled. The buyer can easily assemble the closet using the instructions which are provided, no additional power tools are required. The shelves can be also used as shoe racks if required. The weight of the closet is 16 pounds, and it is designed to carry a weight of approximately one hundred pounds. Hence it should be used for storing lighter items.

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