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Get To Know About Dior Lipstick

Get To Know About Dior Lipstick

Dior lipstick is one of the most popular lipstick brands in the world, due to its focus on elegance and style, with a price point that reflects this. Dior is a French independent company founded in 1945 by Dior and his wife, known for their luxurious designs.

Historically, Dior has used iconic imagery on its packaging (such as lions) which is used prominently across its range of products. In the 2010s, newer ranges have featured textured textures or marble embossing. Some consumers lament however that these different textures are not worth paying more for at the full price.

How to apply Dior lipstick

Dior lipsticks are designed with a very fine texture as they were originally created for film stars who needed to apply their makeup quickly and don’t want to waste time applying layers. When applying, you should be careful not to touch your lips with the tip of the applicator. After applying, you can wear Dior lipstick alone or underneath Dior lip pencil.

How do Dior lipsticks look on different skin tones?

Dior has produced several shades of nude, which is a popular color in their range. Technically speaking, these are not just brown shades but more like soft pink and peach tones that make them appropriate for any skin tone of any complexion, including those with very fair skin tone or even blue eyes.

Why do Dior lipsticks sell out so quickly?

Since the 1960s, they are one of the most popular cosmetics brands in London and Paris, due to their popularity in Hollywood stars. Although they have been around since 1945, their design and packaging have become more modern than other brands. This has made them very sought after by celebrities and consumers alike. Furthermore, Dior’s prices are high and thus do not really reflect how long a lipstick lasts at full price.

Where can you purchase Dior lipstick?

Dior lipsticks are sold in high-end department stores (such as Sephora) and on their official website. They also sell limited edition lipsticks, which may be only available in selected countries or regions.

What are some other popular lipsticks brands?

Bourjois and Chanel are two other examples of higher-end brands selling makeup and skincare products with a focus on elegant designs, however, the price point is more affordable compared to Dior. Rimmel London has a wider range of lipsticks at more affordable prices but the quality is still good.

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