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Benefits Of Madewell Atwater Crochet T-Shirt

Benefits Of Madewell Atwater Crochet T-Shirt

Madewell Atwater Crochet T-Shirt is a hipster favorite. That’s because of the high-quality materials, such as an ultra-soft cotton fabric, expert construction, like a durable seamless collar that won’t bobble or roll, and reinforced seams that won’t pucker or curl. The structure is everything when it comes to this Madewell t-shirt–it’s smoothed out at the bottom into a relaxed silhouette with narrow banding along the armholes for a feminine finish. We’re not telling you anything you don’t know about Madewell Atwater Crochet T-Shirt—the style is undeniably iconic.

Benefits of Madewell Atwater Crochet T-Shirt

1. Classic fit

This Madewell t-shirt is a classic fit, with a relaxed silhouette and narrow banding at the armholes for a feminine finish.

2. 100% cotton fabric

Made from 100% cotton fabric, this Madewell t-shirt is ultra-soft, incredibly breathable, and shaped to last.

3. Seamless construction

It is constructed with a seamless body, which means the collar won’t bobble or roll, and reinforced seams will never pucker or curl.

4. Slim straight silhouette

The sleeve is sculpted to fit you like a glove, while the back is tapered to a slim-straight silhouette that looks great on every body type.

5. Tailored fit

With narrow banding at the armholes for added structure and tailored length for an elongated look, Madewell Atwater Crochet T-Shirt has a smooth finish that sits at the natural waist.

6. Button-down collar

A button-down collar is a timeless favorite that is a must-have for any wardrobe. It’s a classic style typically found on men’s shirts, but we’ve created our own unique version for our women’s shirts by using an ultra-soft fabric and keeping it seamless. The collar will never bobble or roll, and the rolled back peak creates extra volume.

7. Fabric care and details

Our cotton fabric has been sanforized to provide you with a soft and comfortable fit that’s shaped to last. The garment should be dry cleaned only. Imported, machine washable cotton/spandex blend fabric feels amazing against the skin.

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