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All You Need To Know About Piggy Paint Ghouls

All You Need To Know About Piggy Paint Ghouls

One of the best parts about Halloween is painting your nails. However, you don’t want to do it by yourself. You need a partner with even more excitement than you’re feeling at that moment to make the nail art really stand out!

Piggy paint ghouls are a set of three nail polishes for any trick-or-treaters looking for something unique to paint their nails with this year. The pig-themed designs are black, brown, and white hues, each with a pale blue piggy face to enhance the overall design. For a more scary look, the face is outlined with black paint, and for cleverer kids, a cheetah is included as well!

This set of nail polishes comes in miniature size for decoration purposes only. To apply the nail polish on your fingers or toes in order to get the most from it, you will need small brushes or toothpicks. The nail polish lasts for a day before it needs to be reapplied, but the piggy faces are permanent.

Piggy Paint Ghouls Wanna Have Fun Nail Polish -Set of 3 is fun for children of all ages to use and make because they can customize their nails in whatever color combination suits them best. Use the three separate bottles of nail polish or mix them together to create a single color design.

In order to match the right colors to a ghoulish look, Piggy Paint has created a set of three nail polishes that will make you sound like a perfect spook.

This set includes:

* Bony Finger Bones-A pale grey color that makes an eerie contrast against your nails.

* Pumpkin Head-A creamy orange polish that will match the pumpkins and make you ready for trick or treat. The set comes with a free nail sticker sheet (13 designs), with the complete Ghouls Wanna Have Fun design on one sheet.

* Black Cat’s Paw-A deep, dark black color for the perfect finish to your ghoulish look. The set also contains a nail file, body puff, and coffin-shaped black case to store everything in after Halloween night.

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