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All About Outdoor Yoga Mats

All About Outdoor Yoga Mats

An Outdoor yoga mat is a mat that is used specifically for outdoor yoga or exercise. Outdoor yoga mats are often more slender than normal indoor ones, as they will not have to support the weight of a human body, but instead just needs to provide traction and cushioning against the ground. Outdoor mats are also often made of non-slip materials, so you don’t slide around during your workout.

Outdoor yoga mats also typically have a thinner profile than indoor mats, so they can be packed up and taken on the go more easily. Outdoor yoga mats often come with carrying cases to make transportation easier and clean-up after exercising easier as well. An outdoor yoga mat may also come with other features such as straps to secure the mat to your body or a water-resistant coating.

Outdoor yoga mats may also have the standard yoga mat patterns, such as a dry/wet design versus left and right foot design. Outdoor yoga mats are definitely a great purchase if you’re doing yoga on the go or outside, but they can be more expensive than normal exercise mats due to their specific features. Outdoor yoga mats are best for people who plan to do their exercise both inside and outside, as they’ll need a different mat for each environment.

Outdoor yoga mats are also good for beginners looking to invest in one single mat that works well anywhere instead of buying several specialized exercises or yoga mats. Outdoor yoga mats are typically more expensive than normal exercise mats because of their increased water resistance, non-slip features, and thin profile. Outdoor yoga mats are also typically very durable due to the materials they are made out of. Outdoor mat’s normally come with carrying cases that make it easy to transport your mat in an organized fashion.

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